Holz Elementary E Learning Family Guide

Holz E-Learning Family Guide
Holz E-Learning

Holz Elementary E-Learning Family Guide




Our school days will follow a strict, concise schedule. You and your child will each be given a copy of this schedule. Display this schedule in your child’s workspace to ensure they are in the right (online) place at the right time. Create a consistent, predictable morning routine that mimics a regular school day. This might include waking up at the same time each day, eating a good breakfast, getting dressed, and using the restroom before school begins. Routine and consistency are important for children. Developing a routine early on will set your child up for success throughout their entire e-learning experience.


Create a designated workspace for your child that will be comfortable and free from distraction. Your child should have a comfortable chair and a table or hard surface to complete their work on that has enough space for hands-on materials, workbooks, notebooks, an iPad, headphones and other school supplies. Let your child decorate his or her workspace so that it is a place they enjoy, have ownership of, and feel focused in.


*NOTE: Student should NOT complete their school work from bed, especially during direct instruction times.



Keep all supplies organized and nearby in your child’s workspace. The workspace should be cleaned up and supplies put away correctly at the end of each day. To stay as organized as possible, please only allow your child to use their school supplies when directed by the teacher.


Work together with your child to learn and understand the basics of using their device. Try your logins before the first day of school and let the teacher know if there are any issues. Charge the iPad nightly to ensure it is ready for the next day of school. Have positive Digital Citizenship and only use the iPad for appropriate, school-related activities.

*KCS is able to monitor all activity on student iPads.


*When there is a technical difficulty, DON’T PANIC! These things happen all the time, unfortunately. Alert the teacher and she will do her best to get it resolved.


One of our main goals for the beginning of the year is building independence. When possible, try to resist doing things for your child that they can do themselves. Instead, show your child how to complete a task and then have them practice independently with your support.



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